Cystitis doesn't often require prescription medications and most infections can go away after a few days without any additional treatment. However, if you are experiencing really painful symptoms, your symptoms simply won't go away or you are experiencing more than three infections a year, you may require a prescription treatment such as Trimethoprim. Trimethoprim is a prescription antibiotic that targets the cystitis-causing bacteria directly.

Trimethoprim is able to provide quick and effective relief from cystitis because it attacks the actual bacteria causing the infection directly, making it incapable of producing DNA and multiplying. Because of this action, most people who use this treatment notice a significant improvement in their symptoms in as little as 24 hours.

OnlineClinic provides you with a safe and effective way to order Trimethoprim online; however, as we take patient safety very seriously, we ask that you complete a quick online consultation when you place your order. All information provided in this consultation will be treated confidentially and will only be used by our registered doctors to make sure that you can safely use this medication.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

Trimethoprim is a low risk antibiotic medication for the treatment of cystitis. Unlike over the counter remedies, this medication doesn't just provide symptomatic relief. It also works to targe the actual bacterial cause of cystitis and provide quick and sometimes much-needed relief. In addition to treating the infection, it also prevents the infection from spreading to the kidneys and causing an infection.

How does it work?

Trimethoprim kills the bacteria by making them unable to produce folate, which is required to manufacture more bacterial DNA. If the bacteria don't produce DNA, they are unable to multiply, meaning that they become an easier target for the immune system and are eradicated.

Who can take it?

If you are a woman aged 18 or over and you've already been diagnosed with cystitis after a visit to your doctor, you will be able to order Trimethoprim online. If you are experiencing cystitis for the first time, it is recommended that you visit your doctor for a diagnosis to confirm that there is not a more serious underlying cause.

How do you take it?

How long you will need to take Trimethoprim will depend on your condition and can last anything between three days and two weeks. The medication is available in two doses - 200mg and 100mg - and the dosage you will need will depend on factors such as how long you require treatment for. The 100mg dose is generally recommended for long term treatment of the condition and the 200mg for shorter treatment. You can take this medication with or without food, but ideally always with a full glass of water.

What are the side effects?

Trimethoprim is a relatively mild treatment, but side effects are still a possibility. Luckily, most side effects aren't serious and they won't affect everyone. These symptoms could include nausea, vomiting and a rash. Should these effects persist, or if you experience anything more serious, you should contact your doctor.

Is it available to order online?

Trimethoprim is available to order online from OnlineClinic, but we ask all our patients to complete a confidential consultation form for their own safety. Completing the consultation shouldn't take long and it will be checked by our doctor to make sure that the medication is safe for you to use. If your treatment is approved, a prescription will be issued and sent to our pharmacy, where our registered pharmacist will ensure it is dispensed and dispatched for free next day delivery.

Please note that the manufacturer of Trimethoprim may differ from that which is shown in the image above, but the ingredients, benefits and possible side effects of the medication will be the same.

The Trimethoprim patient information leaflet (PIL) is provided for informational purposes only. For the latest manufacture's information please refer to the PIL in the packaging. Onlineclinic does not accept liability for the information displayed.

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