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Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is a condition that affects many men. There is no clear definition of this condition because we all have different expectations about how long sex should last. It has been known for some men to complain they are ejaculating prematurely after 10 minutes of sex, because in the past they were able to manage more than 20.

While any significant reduction in ejaculatory time is cause for concern, doctors generally consider you to be ejaculating prematurely if you ejaculate within two minutes of penetration, or before penetration occurs.

If you are concerned that you are ejaculating prematurely, you could benefit from a new treatment called Priligy. This unique premature ejaculation treatment eases the impulses that could make you ejaculate too early, and works to improve your performance time. This treatment can be ordered safely and securely from Onlineclinic if you take a short online consultation when you place your order.

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    How common is premature ejaculation?

    It’s estimated that up to 40% of men will experience at least one episode of premature ejaculation during their lifetime. In a recent study, 10% of men admitted that they often or sometimes suffered from this problem. Although erectile problems can lead to embarrassment and cause friction between couples, it is a common problem that can be managed with premature ejaculation treatment. The first step is to talk about it with your partner or your doctor, in person or online.

    What causes premature ejaculation?

    This condition has no clear root cause; there are many reasons that may cause a man to reach climax earlier than he desires. A large proportion of cases result from psychological problems such as stress, low confidence, guilt, fear and performance anxiety. Experiences from childhood can also have a long term effect, such as being raised in an environment where sex was considered sinful or wrong.

    Physical factors may also play a role in premature ejaculation including neurological problems, vascular conditions, spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis.

    Certain medications sometimes have an adverse effect on your sexual performance, which is something that should be discussed with your doctor if they have recently prescribed you a heavy course of medication.

    What methods of treatment are available?

    Choosing a method of premature ejaculation treatment is far simpler if you are aware of the root cause. If your problem is psychologically induced, you may be recommended to attend counselling or speak to a psychotherapist.

    The 'stop and start' and 'squeeze' methods are procedures that can be performed by men and their partner to help them learn how to take greater control over their ejaculation, although their effectiveness is often brought into question.

    What is Priligy?

    Priligy is the first ever oral premature ejaculation treatment. It uses the active ingredient dapoxetine to improve the communication of signals in the brain and nervous system, so that you are better able to control your ejaculation, and holds off the impulses that might cause you ejaculate prematurely. Users of Priligy have reported a 200 to 300% increase in the duration of sexual intercourse, as well as greater control over their ejaculation time. Priligy should be taken at least an hour before sex and lasts for three to four hours.

    How can I order treatment online?

    Priligy is available to order safely and securely from Onlineclinic if you are experiencing problems ejaculating too early. You will need to complete a short consultation before your order is complete, so that our doctor can prescribe you this premature ejaculation treatment correctly. If this treatment is not right for you, you may recommended an alternative treatment. If your order is approved, Priligy will then be dispatched from our pharmacy and delivered via free overnight courier.