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Benefits of Ovranette

Ovranette offers convenient contraceptive cover in one daily pill. Just like other variants of the pill, Ovranette pills provide immediate protection against pregnancy if taken on the first day of your cycle. If you struggle with mild to intense pain when you menstruate, taking Ovranette can potentially prevent painful periods from occurring. Some doctors may prescribe this treatment to women with endometriosis, a condition where womb cells grow on areas outside the womb.

How does it work?

Ovranette contains ethinylestradiol (30 micrograms) and levonorgestrel (15 milligrams) which are artificial forms of oestrogen and progestogen. These ingredients prevent ovulation, stop the womb lining from thickening and thicken the cervical mucus so sperm can’t enter the womb. It prevents ovulation by making the body think it has already happened, and in the unlikely circumstances that an egg does get released, it won’t be able to attach itself to the thinner womb lining and grow.

Who can take it?

Most women over 18 can use Ovranette, but not if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or allergic to any of its ingredients. You may not be able to use this contraceptive if you are over 35 and a smoker, have kidney, heart or liver problems, have a history of circulation problems or if you have recently experienced unexplained vaginal bleeding.

If you are over 35 and smoke, or if you are breastfeeding, you may potentially be able to use the mini-pills Cerazette or Micronor as they don’t contain any oestrogen. Make sure that you mention any medications or other health conditions not mentioned above during your consultation, so that our doctor can evaluate your suitability for this medication more conclusively.

How do you take it?

Ovranette provides immediate protection if you take it on the first day of your period; after that you'll have to wait seven days for it to take full effect. It's a 21-day pill, which means that you take it once a day for three weeks of your cycle, then have a seven day break after which you should start taking the next 21-day calendar strip. During this seven day break, you will be completely protected against conceiving but you may experience a withdrawal bleed. This is not your period, but your body removing the contraceptive hormones from your system.

What are the side effects?

Just like most prescription treatments, Ovranette pills can cause potential side effects however they are very rare and mild, and mostly go away as soon as your body becomes used to the new treatment. Some of the most common side effects include changes in menstrual bleeding, headaches, nausea, weight gain, abdominal pain and changes in your sex drive.

Can you order Ovranette pills online?

Ovranette is available to order online from Onlineclinic, we only ask that you complete a quick and completely free consultation. This consultation will be checked by our doctor to make sure that you can use Ovranette safely. If Ovranette pills are right for you to use, our doctor will issue a prescription and our registered pharmacy will send out your treatment via free overnight delivery.

The Ovranette patient information leaflet (PIL) is provided for informational purposes only. For the latest manufacture's information please refer to the PIL in the packaging. Onlineclinic does not accept liability for the information displayed.