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Benefits of birth control

By : Susan Ray | Published : Friday January 27, 2012 | Posted in : Women's Health | Comments
Benefits of birth control

Oral contraceptive pills are the most popular form of birth control worldwide. Millions of women use them to effectively protect against unplanned pregnancy, allowing them to decide when they would most like to conceive and have children. When taken correctly and as prescribed, the protection rate is well over 99% with statistically only 1 out 100 women falling pregnant while using the contraception method.

However, hormonal birth control pills have shown to improve many other aspects of female health and offer numerous other benefits too. While not universal to each individual brand or type of contraceptive pill, the vast majority will have similar advantages. For exact benefits of individual pills, consult your doctor or pharmacist, they will be able to inform you as to the positives you can expect. In the meantime, here are some of the general benefits of birth control:

Menstrual regulation and predictability. By making a women’s cycle more regular and easy to track, lifestyle can be maintained accordingly. Knowing exactly when you can expect your period can help avoid potentially embarrassing situations and help you prepare for certain activities like sports or romantic holidays.

Less menstrual pain. As was recently reported in an article on Reuters, contraceptive pills can alleviate menstrual pain and cramps associated with a women’s cycle. This can be extremely beneficial especially for women who experience more pain during their periods.

Improve acne. Moderate to severe cases of acne have been shown to improve when the women has been prescribed birth control pills. It usually depends on the brand or type of contraceptive pill, but should this be an issue you would like addressed, speak to your doctor about choosing a contraceptive that will help clear up your acne.

Can reduce the risk of ovarian cysts and cancer. Research has shown that women who have used birth control pills for more than ten years have significantly reduced chances of developing ovarian cancer. Women who use hormonal contraceptive pills are also less likely to suffer from cysts.

Improve hirsutism. Women who suffer from excess facial or body hair have reported improvements after using this form of contraception. This is due to the fact that the androgens and testosterone, responsible for the hair growth, are suppressed by the hormones found in birth control pills.

Reversible fertility. Birth control pills provide effective protection against pregnancies but as soon as they are discontinued, fertility levels return and women can conceive. This is one of the main reasons that this form of contraception is so popular.

If you would like to find out more about oral contraceptive pills, you can find out more at our Contraception section of our pharmacy. We provide information on how they work as well as offering the most popular birth control pills such as Yasmin and Dianette .

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