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Danielle Lloyd loses 2st of baby weight

By : Jo Keyte | Published : Thursday October 14, 2010 | Posted in : Weight Loss | Comments
Baby weight loss

26 year old new mum and model, Danielle Lloyd has lost 2 stone since the birth of her baby boy, Archie.

Danielle’s weight has dropped to 9 stone 7lb, taking her from a size 14 to a slender size 10. She intends to continue with her weight until she’s lost another half a stone setting herself a target of reaching 9 stone.

Danielle admits that her weight loss has been hard work and says it took a lot of willpower not to give in. She followed a protein rich food plan, shunning carbohydrates and indulging in sushi with vegetables if she ate out. She also worked out with a personal trainer regularly to burn calories and hone her curves. She admits that she’s now happy with her body again, and feels sexy and recently decided to re-create Liz Hurley’s iconic photo shoot for Pop magazine to mark the return of her pre-pregnancy body.

In 2002 Liz celebrated getting her body back after giving birth to baby Damian in a gymnast inspired pose. She donned spectacularly high heels and draped her arms over suspended gym rings.

Danielle is the latest in a long line of celebrity mums who have seemingly pinged back to their pre-pregnancy size overnight. Liz Hurley famously quoted that she ate nothing but dried fruit every evening and nothing else to shift the pregnancy pounds, and Victoria Beckham has also said after the birth of her sons all her diet consisted of was prawns.

This sends an unrealistic and often unattainable message to many new mums, who aspire to lose weight and look like celebrities do just weeks after giving birth. When the pounds don’t magically disappear once their little one arrives their diet often verges on the obsessive and their mental health can suffer.

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